Fine Food Support and Recognition

With fine foods being such an essential part of cuisine, it only stands to reason that there would be competitions and awards along with other types of support.

The Guild of Fine Food

This is an organisation which is dedicated to supporting fine food. The Guild was formed in 1995, with the intent of promoting those in the industry who are promoting speciality foods and those who support them. The organisation now has over 1300 members. The Guild of Fine Food is responsible for the Great Taste Awards along with the World Cheese Awards.

Great Taste Awards

For those who are interested in high-quality fine foods, then they will surely be interested in knowing about the awards which some of these items have received. Participants can have their food or drink entries judged by over 500 experts who belong to different categories of the food industry.

Participants are hoping to receive a one, two, or three-star rating. At the very least, they will get some critical feedback about their entry.

The Great Taste Awards are significant to those in the food industry. Those entries which do receive a star or stars from the judges are easier to promote, and sales will often increase because of their Great Taste Accolade.

An example of a fine food win goes back to the Great Taste Awards for 2018. The Golden Forks winner was a company from the Philippines crowned as the Supreme Champion. Their entry was Pili Nuts, perfectly flavoured with Ecuadorian cacao. This was recognised as a fine food in the healthy snack category.

Fine Food Shows

Something exciting to discover is that there are fine food shows which enthusiasts can attend. This is the ideal way to discover what is new and exciting in fine food. An example of this is the Fine Food Show North. Fine food can be bought here, but the great thing is it can be sampled first before buying.

Fine Food Courses

Another way that the fine food industry is supported is through education and training programmes. There are different courses which those interested in this type of food fare can seek out. For example, courses are being offered by the Guild in support of those who have an interest in the fine food industry.

Those who appreciate fine food can do their part to support the industry by going to the shows when possible and buying fine food for home use.