Fine Food in Tea Rooms

Most often, when people think of fine food, they equate this to cuisine, which is made of sophisticated ingredients and restricted to specific regions. Mostly to be found in high calibre restaurants that are marketed as fine food providers. What is not realised is that many of the tea rooms throughout the UK also specialise in fine foods that are appropriate for their cuisine.

Going Back in Time

It is often said that history repeats itself. This is usually found to be accurate and can also be applied to the fine food industry. A prime example of this is charcuterie which had been replaced with the preparation by more modern technology. Now many butchers are returning to the old methods of making it much to the pleasure of many.

Tea Room Fine Food Cuisine

Fine food also includes beverages. As the British are well known for their tea, one can expect to find an excellent selection of this beverage in many of the top echelon tea rooms throughout the UK. When tea falls into the fine food category, it is usually comprised of loose tea, which is steeped in the exact amount of leaf to water ration. In some tea rooms, the tea may be served along with a sand hourglass to ensure that the precise brewing time has been met.

Other items that are found in tea rooms that are not only classic but considered to be fine foods are as follows:

  • Chocolate tartlets
  • Fruit scones
  • Clotted cream
  • Strawberry jam
  • Brownies
  • Blondies

Creating Homemade Tea Room Fine Food

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the UK and partake in the fine foods which so many of the teas rooms are recognised for. The alternative to this is to re-create the same atmosphere at home. There are plenty of great recipes that can be resourced to prepare fine foods. Some examples are:

  • Finger sandwiches

What takes a simple finger sandwich into the category of being a fine food, besides the quality of the ingredients, is the choice of components such as cucumber which is sliced sliver thin, then topped with ham that is ever so lightly dotted with some of the highest quality mustard.

  • Scones

To be served with the finest butter, jams and creams. This is the follow up to the fine finger sandwiches. The selection can be varied whereby they are served plain warmed with butter. Or they can have a variety of fruits. Then, cheese scones cannot be forgotten either.